Armored Combat Suits were one of the weapons the humans and Galactics created to combat the Posleen. They were concepted by the Americans including Michael O'Neal. The first idea was to create walkers but that was phased out. The suits carry grav guns weapons that fire antimatter projectiles. ACS UNITS took heavy casualties due to them seeing plenty of combat during during the war. The U.S went from two divisions to less than two battalions. The ACS unit Michael O'Neal was with on Diess tipped the tide to humanity's favor, with O'Neal detonating an antimatter mine near the command ship thus dealing the Posleen a deadly blow. ACS were still used even centuries after Hells Faire when the humans went to pay the Darhel back the japanaese had a corps (five divisions) of ACS ready to land on a Darhel world. ACS also came with grenade launchers and 75 mm auto mortars also terawatt lasers. The personnel mostly came from Paratrooper or Marine Corps units in The US, and the units were called the Mobile Infantry. Famous units include the 11th MI which was destroyed while escorting Mexican Refugees.